This Valentine’s Day give the gift of Love Story…

Let’s visit your favorite spaces together, share the memories that are attached, and tell your beautiful story through actual experience. Whether you're just starting out dating, married for years, grandparents with a few dozen grandkids, or newly engaged, your story means something to you. And that means something to us. We want to see the way your eyes light up when you visit a meaningful place. Don't let the pretty parks be your only option, lets have a photo session at your favorite arcade, the porch you built, show us how the two of you met, the first place you saw a movie together, the skate park where you hung out. When was the first time you introduced yourselves? Where were you for that first kiss? Asked each other out? The midwest is full of gorgeous spaces but we want to see the places that mean the most to you and only you. So let's go see your childhood neighborhoods, where you used to play, the path where your kids took their first steps, let's play a match at your favorite tennis park, and share a coffee at the cafe where you went on your first date. Don't let those stories live only in your memories, let's transform them together into shareable mementos that you can cherish for the times to come.

We usually feel awkward taking photos but everything about the session felt so natural, and we couldn’t stop laughing and enjoying ourselves!



Your Love Story Session

One Hour

Two Photographers (Ben and Katya)

Online Gallery