Our Story

Sometimes you see magic in real life. And you just have to capture it. So that you can look back at it in times when magic is scarce, and remember that is exists. And when you see love- you can be sure you're seeing the most raw form of magic. 

As a team, our relationship is kind of unique. Best buds turn bride and groom. Without the in-between. Because when you see magic... there's no time to waste. Spending time together was what we loved to do since the moment we met. So we instantly did everything as a team. Then one day Ben proposed and...Katerina said yes. And all was right with the world. And all the world was love.

Ben loved photography and Katerina loved weddings. So we did that together too. And every love story we witness is unique and wonderful in its own way. We love finding out the quirks of the couples, with whom we work, learning about the magic behind the relationships, and capturing it in photos. 

So if we are to choose which part of this intro into what we do really stays with you, let's make it this:

We capture your magic.